2019 NFL Draft Edition

The first round of the 2019 NFL Draft is done. And well as far as our fantasy football impact goes, it was…meh.

The first round was a draft of the defensive players, yes there are a few offensive players that will give you some fantasy value, so let’s talk about them.

1.01, Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals

So after months and months of speculation the worst kept secret of the draft materialized. The hope is new head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s familiarity with Murray will translate to wins on the field. Not so sure about that, but what is going to happen is Murray becomes a fantasy candidate. Look to draft him in your dynasty leagues and keep him in mind for your traditional and PPR leagues.

1.06, Daniel Jones, Quarterback, New York Giants:

This is a head scratcher…presumably Eli Manning is still the starting quarterback in New York, but seriously you pick a first rounder to sit? Either way, for now, stay away…there is no reason to believe that either Giants’ quarterbacks will give you viable fantasy points.

1.08, T.J. Hockenson, Tight-End, Detroit Lions

I know you have heard this before, but the tight end pool is shallow. Hockenson becomes a day one starter for the Lions. He is on your fantasy radar.

1.15, Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Washington

I am a big fan of players who play with a chip on their shoulders. Haskins reportedly said that “they made a big mistake” …and yes, he gets to play in the division that had a need for quarterbacks and went elsewhere. Haskins is drafted to a team that acquired Case Keenum in free agency. How long will Keenum keep the starting position? Plan on drafting Haskins in your dynasty leagues. And if he is available in the later rounds in traditional and PPR leagues, do it.

1.20, Noah Fant, Tight-End, Denver Broncos

Fant isn’t known for his blocking, but he was responsible for approximately 30 percent of the points scored by Iowa. Joe Flacco loves his tight-ends and Fant will post up in the end zone and catch the passes from Flacco. Look to draft Fant in any and every fantasy league you are participating.

1.24, Josh Jacobs, Running Back, Oakland Raiders

Forget their first pick of the draft, the Raiders redeemed themselves with this pick. The Raiders needed a running back, Doug Martin is a free agent and Marshawn Lynch retired. Jacobs is a power runner. He also was under utilized so he is fresh. Draft Jacobs in any and every fantasy league you are playing.

1.25, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, Wide Receiver, Baltimore Ravens

Brown is coming off a foot injury. He is also not very big. And now he is drafted to a team whose quarterback has questionable passing talent. Now for the positives, he is a burner. And if he is healthy and if quarterback Lamar Jackson can get his passing game under control, Brown becomes valuable. Wait and see on this one.

1.32, N’Keal Harry, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots

He is the second-wide receiver off the board, he should be one of the first rookie wide receiver on your fantasy radar. No Gronk, no Chris Hogan, the Patriots needed some help, and this is what they got. Harry is on your fantasy radar simply because he is in New England, and he has talent.

Now for the whhaatt? Where will Josh Rosen go? And of course in the second and third rounds will be the receivers and running backs that will impact your fantasy teams. Stay tuned.

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